Thursday, May 5, 2016

*Baja~ El Mogote has tons of Dolphin activity!!

We have been on this beach for about 11 days now and I found out through some Canadian folks, that come down to the condos for 4 months out of the year, that this beach area is called El Mogote (pronounced El Ma-go-tay).
We have yet to see any Whale Sharks in or out of the water, although the boats come in every single day and stop in front of the van. 

I think they may be seeing other things in the water like Manta Rays, Dolphins or Sea Turtles for I can't see a 40 foot Whale Shark coming this close in with two sand bars, for I'm sure they wouldn't be able to make it out...but what do I know!

We have, however, seen a ton of Dolphins. I see at least 3-4 different pods a day with anywhere from 5-12 Dolphins in each pod, it's quite awesome to see. 

I have seen and swam amongst Dolphins throughout my life and every single time I see them it's almost as if it's my first time ever seeing them, they are so magical and quirky. I especially love watching them fish! I have also been able to get some pretty good shots of them so that always makes me happy!!! I have some great video but they are much harder to upload with our data limitations so I have frozen a few images from those videos to show you what I've been seeing for the past few days!

There isn't much going on here at this beach, it's very secluded, I'm sure due to the road getting in and off of the sand. It's definitely not made for every vehicle and with the condos being a few miles down the beach everyone that stays there takes a water taxi into town. We have had the beach to ourselves for the most part, other than a few early morning walkers and the tour boats, it's just us. We like it to a point, for we have a lot of privacy but at the same time we would like more of a Santispac experience where we were meeting locals and other travelers daily. Maybe along the way we can find a nice balance but for now, it's pretty nice having the privacy. 
Our usual daily visitors

When Jamie goes into town to upload videos, run errands or get groceries, I stay back with the van and the girls. This is time I use to center, read, write, do whatever I want or need to do without interruption...these days I've been trying to learn some hoop tricks, reading and spending some time with the dogs! Savannah could definitely care less but my Chili Moon loves every single second of it.

There is one more night before we have a full moon, although the moon the past couple of nights has been anything but dull! It has been cloudy though, so I only get to see small glimpses of the beauty that shines above.

I'll take it. I'll take anything I can get while here in Mexico. Who knows when we'll be back or when things will change. This experience has been nothing but great so far and I'm sure it will just keep getting more exciting with more memories.


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