Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chilly Climate = Warm Wishes

The wind and chill stuck around for the most part of today, although it did warm up enough for us to take a walk around the parking lot later in the afternoon. This parking lot is so big that it's a really nice walk, actually feeling like we're getting some exercise. We walked around, gabbing and taking in all of the different sights...still getting used to all of the different cactus and plants...they're pretty cool. We walked over to one part of the lot that looked like it might be a sidewalk to a walking path, but just ended up being a dead-end sidewalk with a bunch of cactus 'balls' on the ground. J' went to kick one of the 'balls' and it stuck in his shoe...he was amazed, never had he gone to kick something out of the way just to have it stick in his shoe. He spent a few minutes trying to get it out of his shoe as well as trying not to get it re-stuck in his finger! Crazy cactus balls!

[caption id="attachment_3860" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Kick the 'ball" Kick the 'ball"[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3861" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Ball gets stuck in shoe!! Ball gets stuck in shoe!![/caption]

I shot a few more pics of the crazy cactus that are out here in this parking lot...they are super neat looking...I'm going to have to find out the names of these things!



If anyone knows what they are called, please let me know. Other than that, just another lazy afternoon of walking, working and Winter! I hope the weather starts getting a little nicer and warmer and then stays that way...I'm getting over this whole Winter thing here! haha



  1. The lil nasty balls are called choua (sp)... They are very nasty lil things especially to dogs... They get caught in a paw, then in their mouths as they try to bite them out... When in the desert always carry a small pair of needle nose pliers to pull them out, a nasty business... Dogs can get so tangled in them resulting in so much pain they will simply lie down until they are found or possibly die...

  2. Yep, they are Cholla cactus. Otherwise known as jumping cactus. They sometimes seem to leap towards you to grab ahold of whatever they can. Steer clear!!

  3. Thanks! Good to know!!

  4. That sounds horrible! Thanks for the warning!