Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo Share Site is Up!!!

Hello all of my awesome readers!

You may notice a new button at the top that reads Photos. If you click on the button there is a page that will take you to my new photo site. Bear with me for I am still in the midst of creating it. I figured I would put it up due to how much content I still have to go through...why, wait? (This is why you may see some breaks in time at first...still working on it)

I am very excited about this. It's taken a lot of my days and hours to get it to where it is and I can't wait to just keep adding more...that just means we're still adventuring, doing our thing!

Some of you may get an invitation by email to become a member...if I have your email address. If you want to comment be my guest, I love to see that people are enjoying the pics that I shoot as much as I do! Thank you for your kindness as well.

Happy smiles and PEACE to all!

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