Friday, April 26, 2013


Can you believe that we are still in Wickenburg!

I'm not really that surprised. This place has really been great. The weather is just about's getting a little warmer but it's great with the breezes that we get and showers are sooo refreshing! We both are getting some nice color, something we haven't had in a while...Love the Vitamin D! We re-positioned Joon about a week into our stay, we weren't getting full sun on the solar panels and had to start the van to make coffee in the morning. Easy fix...turn around! It wasn't causing too much of a problem but why get half the sun if you can get alllllll of it!?

[caption id="attachment_4510" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Needed to Turn to Burn man! Needed to Turn to Burn man![/caption]

So the day we went into town to get more ice and water, oh ...and 2 whoppers for $5 bucks at Burger King, don't want to forget that...we came back and just tweaked the position of the van and BAM! we're back in business with more power than we use. Another thing we really like and enjoy is the town is only about 5-6 miles from our camp spot, so it's nice and easy to go to town. When we were in Shaver Lake we had to go shopping once a month...for everything...for a month! Fresno was about 55 miles away, which had the closest Wal-marts and gas, it was interesting... this makes it easier on the van and on the gas tank as well.  When we went into Wickenburg, we went to a thrift store we found on and it was great. The name of the place is Soroptimist, they have 3 different buildings; Building 1 was full of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc for men and women and is decorated so cute in there. Building 2 is mostly books and other things and Building-ish 3 is outdoor stuff like sports equipment, recreational hobbies, lawn stuff, luggage, chairs, pots, all kinds of stuff. It was great, a definite good find! We have a "Looksie List" for thrift shops and were able to mark off two of the items...Books and a fitted sheet! We got 6 books and the fitted sheet all for $4.00! What a ganga! When I was looking at the sheet the next day I saw that it was Ralph Lauren, so hopefully it'l last for a while.

[caption id="attachment_4509" align="aligncenter" width="350"].25 cents at the thrift store! .25 cents at the thrift store![/caption]

Let's see, what else... Savannah is doing better on the walks, it only took about 4 days for her to learn not to go off the trail or she'd have 4+ cholla in her feet, butt, face and tail! And those little pink booties lasted like two days, go figure. There's not much traffic up here, I mean there's your occasional jeep due to a one man jeep tour company (hee hee) but we are a whole minute out of his whole tour, so we just wave and they pass and that's it. When we first got here, we had a few ATV's and a couple of dirt bikes but they're just passing through. It's been pretty peaceful and you just can't beat the's spectacular. We caught a full moon last night and it was just gorgeous. I really wish I could have found my camera the night before last because the moon had risen about an hour and a half earlier, when it was still light out and the colors in the sky were just to die for. I did capture some pictures of the moon last night but it was already dark and I would love to have a 'better' camera to truly capture the moment as we see it, but I'm glad I can get what I can for now!

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