Friday, June 21, 2013

The Run-Down of our Run-Around

It has occurred to me that we have done quite a lot in the last couple of weeks and you guys don't even know about it...Shame on me! (as I slap the back of my hand).

Shall I catch you up to speed? I think I shall!

We were in Williams, for exactly a week, with Bob & the gang. We rode into town on the bicycles one more time, without Savannah...sorry Gloria! It was nice to have some "adult" not like that, get your mind out of the gutter! Just time by ourselves without the baby. We rode into town and did more of a touristy ride through this time, it was fun! We even got some ice cream...Bob would be so proud! haha

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We left Williams and drove to the Grand Canyon with all of the best intentions of staying for a few days to a week...but as Miss Cheri says, "Plans are set in chocolate pudding!" And, she is right. I actually think our plans are set in water or in the wind...they're always changing! We did however make it to the Grand about 5 o'clock in the evening! We walked the South Rim and mozied around the Visitor Center (that closed at 5 p.m.) for about an hour, then decided to drive to Flagstaff to camp instead.

Panorama G.C. 700

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 We camped on some land about 13 miles outside of Flagstaff, that I'm going to call Camp Cow Patty. We had actually scoped this place out before, (remember the day we left Sedona, went to Flagstaff to camp but then came back to Sedona?)...that's when we found this spot. We decided to come back to it even though we only got a 3g signal, it's a nice big area and thought maybe even the R.T.R. could be held here. We camped there for 2 days. The reason I call it Camp Cow Patty is due to all of the cow traffic along with the cowboys "wrangling" them in the early a.m. We were pretty much camping with the cows! It was pretty funny though. I was taking a shower the first day we were there and J' said, "You have a peeper! Look over your shoulder."

[caption id="attachment_4958" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Peepin' Cow Peepin' Cow[/caption]

 I hadn't laughed that hard in a while! As much as I LOVE cows, it was getting Rollin' Bug 500 Walking thru 500to be a little too much for us with them always walking through camp, plus Savannah couldn't contain herself around the poo-poo and I was getting tired of bathing her every half hour! Dis.gus.ting! We know this is their home so even though we liked our spot, we decided to move on...maybe even get a 4g signal.

[caption id="attachment_4961" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Camp Cow Patty Camp Cow Patty[/caption]

We got some coordinates from a friend and ended up driving to all of them, and then some, trying to find that perfect spot. After many hours of toolin' around, we found a pretty good spot up by Marshall Lake. Our spot sits around 7,500 ft. elevation, so were definitely going to get some cooler weather. We were also able to get a great 4g signal and all of the major network tele' channels. Another plus, we have to laugh about, is that we parked right by this awesome tree...

Camp Marshall 500

the tree had (we found out later) Mice living in it. Lucky for Savannah, she could smell them. The whole time we were there if we didn't know where Savannah was...just look at the tree! She goes totally mental over critter smells. The funniest thing is once... if she captures one, she's so grossed out by it moving around and doesn't know what to do with it, most of the time it gets away. She's such a girl!!

[caption id="attachment_4964" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Nutbag Nana Nutbag Nana[/caption]

While we were here we saw a bunch of different groups of Mule Deer, they look like Camels without the hump...they are huge! Savannah and I saw a family of about 8 of them one night and then a couple the next morning. Jackin' Rabbits 500 Mule Deer 500Along with the Deer we also watched many a Jack Rabbit feed upon the grass in the fields in front and in back of the van. When I would get close to them, to get a good picture, they would freeze like a statue sometimes it was hard for even the naked eye to see...that is if it weren't for their big pink ears! I love their long ears, so stinkin' cute!!

Monsoon season has started so the weather has been changing quite often. It's VERY windy here, not sure if it's monsoons mixed with the elevation and/or time of year...? It's crazy though, I don't think we've ever experienced anything like it.

[caption id="attachment_4969" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Monsoon Sky Monsoon Sky[/caption]

...neither has Savannah! Weirdo.

Monsoon Bug 500

We will be moving on soon to the Summer R.T.R. A place where friends can reconnect as well as meeting future amigos. It's a pretty fun little event that Bob throws twice a year, once in the Summer and once in the Winter. We have met some pretty amazing people at the gatherings and are excited to keep connecting with magical people. It's pretty awesome to meet like-minded individuals and hear of all of their experiences &'s very eye & mind opening. I think everyone should experience "this" at least once in their lives. It's beautiful in the "space" we live.

We hope you can join us one day.


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