Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pizza. Quartz. Sunset

I know! I found this whole "new" way of writing, then left again!
To be honest, we have been really busy lately. How we get so busy out in the desert, people don't seem to understand....but we are at a "high call volume" for business, right now.
Jamie, mostly has been working on van, mechanical stuff and I have been doing hair cuts and finding time for peace and serenity...which I've needed more than ever. 

Today, though....feels like our first break in a long time (a week and a half!) 
We found time to go over for a pizza lunch that Bob was hosting.
There were a ton of people that we hadn't met yet, but we were able to meet some...and sure we'll meet more at the RTR.
Here are some pics of our gathering. 

12 pizzas, 4 breadsticks and a lot of good eating!

It was fun...It always is. 
The pizza didn't last long, as it usually doesn't! haha
When we left, we went home through the desert and Jamie showed me a Quartz out-cropping that is just too cool and only a few hundred steps away from our camp!!

We had a beautiful sunset along with the best dogs in the world!!!
They are just way too cute and great lil' babies!

Hope you enjoyed our day today! I know I have much to catch up on but I'm trying! 
This desert life, can get a little crazy around this time of year...we hope that it starts to settle down a bit in the next few months!



  1. That's a sweet spot you guys are camped in.

    1. We love it here, so peaceful and NO traffic! Can't wait to reunite with you guys and the pups!

  2. I have been following your YouTube videos but my first time here. I'm sure I will be back. Keep posting.

    1. Thanks Dale! I will keep at it. Thanks for reading!!