Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bellyful of Brekkie

Some people think living the way we do, we can't enjoy the 'finer things in life'. Say, for example, your friends on a Sunday morning... gathering to eat a breakfast consisting of eggs, sausage, bacon, mimosas and waffles...yes, I said waffles!
Well, we like to break those myths and run free with the crazy idea that you can enjoy whatever you like out here or anywhere.

Our good friend, "Papi", likes to have everyone over for a brekkie here and there. Most of us have 'jobs'. I was such a good sausage flipper last time, I got rehired! Debra had the duty of scrambling eggs, some with onion, most without. Judy did a yummy job on grilling up those onions too. 

Breakfast with a view!

My sausage station with Miss Debra scrambling the eggs

Fred was on stand-by in case either one of us needed help.
Checking the internal temperature of the sausage! haha

I think it was Doria & Dan who fried up the bacon. Papi made the waffles with his waffle iron (running off his generator), 

 Bob brought some toppings & fruit for the waffles and Will brought and made mimosas! 

Keeping the sausage flipper hydrated!

Everyone brought something or made something, it turned out to be one awesome breakfast!! 
It's always nice to have everyone in camp get together for something like this, we tend to get spread out and spend weeks around each other but never really get to know anyone! Funny, but that's how it goes in a big camp. 
"I sense trouble" (that's what Mike is saying to me!)

When we have small gatherings like this, we can mingle and meet new people that may not be parked near or around us. It also has a nice family feel to it, since this is our road family~ our tribe, it's a good time and good eatin'!
Margie & Jay


 The most quiet you'll ever hear us...while we're eating!

Another delicious and satisfying gathering of the tribe!
No left-overs today. Only smiles!


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  1. I love this post, and the pics!! You got Will to smile! :)) So awesome. Yes, it was great, great fun. I'm ready for our next one this Sunday. Woot! Can't wait to see you. Miss you!