Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So today I sat for a good straight hour and a half and just did chord after chord, exercise after exercise. At first when I sat down today I had very little organization going on, so I had to get a notebook and write down some things to get it straight in my mind. I found a couple of really good Youtube videos that I can easily understand and they are helping me get the right sound and the right finger placement. One of the guys channels; JustinGuitar, makes it easy to really hear what you're doing right and wrong. The other guy Kairosity, gives you good drills and teaches you the parts of the guitar as well. I think they are really helping me. My fingers are getting calluses on them for sure to where most of the time they just feel numb.

It's cool. I think if I keep doing this daily or at least several times a week, I'll be getting better in no time Wee-hoo


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