Friday, May 13, 2016

*Baja~ Getting ready to move on

It's March 1st, so we've been on El Mogote for about three and a half weeks now and are ready for some change. We have loved our time here and could definitely stay here the remainder of our trip but there is still so much we haven't seen or experienced that we have to get on with it or before you know it, our time will be up and we'll be back in Arizona (pouting).
The past couple of days I have been prepping the van for take-off since we have been living in soft sand for the last 24 days, there is sand everywhere. And when I say everywhere...I mean EVERYWHERE!!! It will take months to get all of the sand out of this van, actually it'll take longer than that, it just keeps reappearing.
Yesterday, I took everything I could out of the van and vacuumed every little nook & cranny...about 5 times. The van looks so beautiful but I knew it wouldn't last long and today it took Savannah about 3 minutes before that reality took place! Brat! 

The entire time we're here, she barely got out of the van but she got mad at me for cutting her nails, so she got wet and then rolled in the sand until she was covered nose to she got a nice dip in the ocean, then a rinse off under the shower, then patted down until she was as dry as I could get her...then got put in her room so she wouldn't roll again. She's seriously like having a toddler in her terrible two's...for 6 years now! 

A good reason why you must cut the plastic on these soda rings...if you're not careful you might just catch another one of those brats!!

I caught one!!

And since I have nothing else for you right are some pictures of a cool Marlin, the seagulls were fighting over this morning.

I was interested to see the spine is a bluish-green.
A beautiful creature.


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  1. Some say dogs aren't spiteful. I don't know if i agree.

  2. Love your videos and all the hard work you put into them. Keep up the great work. God bless y'all your friend Madd Trucker