Sunday, July 1, 2012

Illegal~ to be...or not to be?

Since we went 'to the big city' to get our new bed, which has taken some getting used to but overall seems to be working out just fine, we have moved. When we got back to the R.T.R., Bob told us that a Ranger stopped by the night before and told them everyone had to move. The place where we had been camping was 'illegal' due only to the fact they are now enforcing the rule that you are only able to camp one car length off of a legal road. The meadow we were all in is not considered a legal road, phlbt. They (Bob, SoulRaven, Cherry & V.J) were packing up their rigs to move over to the legal spot and others just moved on altogether. We picked a nice spot over by the rocks and kind of just sat.

[caption id="attachment_755" align="aligncenter" width="300"] A little messy but look of the bed![/caption]

SoulRaven was just going to move on to our next spot, so he left and Bob was going to go scope out other spots for himself later in the day and show us where the next spot was so we would have some options. Everyone ate lunch and did some last minute catching up and then we; J', Cherry, Bob & I headed over to the knoll. On the way, Bob pointed out some pretty spots that are usually taken, but they don't have internet, so we kept on goin'. Going up to the knoll was a little scary for me, because well one, I was turned around backwards (my chair never got turned back around to the front from the night before) and two the roads have very narrow passage ways, granite rock, and bushes scraping up against Joon Van...and super bumpy. We get up to the top of this rock though and it opens up into this amazing 'field' of granite rock, everywhere you look. It is beautiful up here. Cherry & Bob said that all the grass (now turned brown) used to just be so beautiful and green, but I guess they don't have much rain up here so it's dead. Bob & J walked around looking for a spot that would be good for us. We could park right near SoulRaven but, One~ Everyone wants a little privacy & Two~ J' didn't want to be right where it opened up in case of traffic; other campers on foot or vehicle, dirt bikes and ORV's/4 wheelers (there were tracks everywhere and it's been said they do come through). Plus, everyone thinks the way they found us at the R.T.R. spot was by helicopter and then had a Ranger come out, so we wanted to be pushed back pretty far. J' & I scoped out some places together with Joon Van after Bob & Cherry left. There were some places that we stopped and liked and others we didn't like at all and then others one of us liked but the other didn't! Imagine that... haha We decided on a spot pretty far away from SoulRaven, but short enough to still walk over. Everyone says they're impressed that we are this far back, either that are they think we're just plain idiots! haha Joking. I think it's the fact that we have this Astro van that does some pretty amazing stuff for how it looks. We love her, our good ole Joon Van. We parked in a spot we both agreed on, in the shade but we still get some sun...after all we are only going to sleep in her.

[caption id="attachment_758" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Bug in the woods[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_759" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Getting settled in our new spot[/caption]

Then the unloading began; the chairs, the table, the kitchen ware, the bags, the toilet, you name it, it came out. We set everything up the way I wanted (hee hee) outside and then...oh my gosh, guess what we did....we got online! I know. We get a solid 2-3 bars here, not bad for the mountains. We also get T.V. reception out here, not much only 2 whole channels but it's something when you have nothing and one of the channels is Fox so at least we have that. For those of you who are worried about our missing The Bachelorette, no worries, we're just going to stream it and see how much it actually affects our data plan...but thank you for thinking of us! The weather up here is much warmer than down in the Valley (that's what I'm going to call it). We were all ready to bundle up, well I was already bundled up. I had on long johns, my awesome lollipop socks and two shirts, a tank and a t-shirt. Before I even fell asleep I was down to the tank, the long johns & my 'special' red blanket (it has a tootsie roll...foot pocket). Savannah even came out from under the blankets to get on top to get some cooler air...that rarely happens. So now, we have a whole bunch of blankets that are folded at the foot of the pedals and will probably stay there for quite some time. We have heard that it gets pretty hot up here during the Summer and August is just scorchin' so it looks like Miss Cherry will have her momma's quilt back before she knows it! And thank you Cherry it was awesome while we needed it, you rock!!


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  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know someone is reading about your adventures!! Colin is away at boot camp, and I'm missing him like crazy!!! Glad you are having fun!!!