Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pantry Pamper Day

While in this lifestyle (and maybe even some of you out there) at one point or another we will go through something
a mouse in the house!

We camp in nature, so it's inevitable...believe me, no matter how clean you are!
We spray our tires with a rodent repellent but they still get in. In the past three and a half years, we have had 3 mice in the van. You know you have one because you can hear it, knocking around, scratching and chewing...lovely right!?
We have popped our hood and seen a mouse flee from the nest he was building in our engine compartment! Nice, warm and dark...that's what they like.
Anyway, they get in. Once they get in, they look for food, any type of food that they can get into. It doesn't matter if it's in a plastic bag, paper, aluminum, sometimes even hard plastic. The first one that got in, got a hold of our brown rice and we were finding tiny piles of rice in the oddest places in the van. The last one that got in, ate through and spoiled about $50-60 bucks worth of food.
They LOVE Peanut Butter

we decided after 3 mice and many dollars of wasted/damaged food, it was time for a reassessment of the pantry and how to protect our food!
Today we Pampered our Pantry!!

Cleaned up and ready to fill!

Hmmm....everything is a puzzle!

We are both very satisfied with the results. We seem to "fight" the pantry all of the time due to a few issues like height and depth, some things are too tall & don't fit, other things are always falling over and spilling out, like seasonings. 
I believe we just solved two problems at once!!
Woo Hoo


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