Saturday, November 28, 2015

Silly Times at Silly Al's

At least once a year, while in Quartzsite, we try to make it to Silly Al's...a super yummy restaurant that serves really great pizza among other Italian dishes of lasagna and spaghetti. 
This time around, we've made it here twice!

The first time we went was on a whim and it turned out to be a silly night of fun with our new friend, Debra. (Debra's Blog) 
 We shared a large pizza (14") and a couple of beers.

Silly Al's is a restaurant but they also have karaoke and dancing on certain nights of the week.
Right when we were finishing up with dinner they started up karaoke. It had been such a long time and karaoke used to be one of my favorite things to do many years ago, so Debra and I signed up...Debra needed a little coaxing but she went with it and we had a great time singing.
I sang Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt, for the first time ever in public! Everyone was so nice afterward and applauded me with's a hard one.

Catching my breath

Debra ended up singing Mama by The Judd's even though she asked for Grandpa...she was great and everyone showed their support with applause.

She even got people to dance

We ran into another new friend, Dean, who is also part of the metal detecting club.

A nice man named Sonny, fell in love with Debra and asked her for a dance to Lady in Red. It was so cute...Debra's still got it!

The second time around our friend, Mike, invited everyone in camp out for dinner and that turned into one of the most fun nights we've had in a while.
(Sorry for the poor photo quality)

Even Bob & Judy made it!!!

We had a couple of guys from France, Lars & Michel, that flew in to film people in our camp for a few days, they came to dinner, too!

It was a great time. After dinner, we lost about half of the group to bedtime, so we moved over to a smaller table where we could see the dance floor. I was #10 on the list for karaoke and Mr. Will was #12.
The first song I sang was 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton, Will sang Born in the USA by Springsteen. Everyone (that was left) got up on the dance floor and kicked around some moves, it seems like we all had a blast! The guys moved over to shoot a few games of pool, while the rest of us talked, danced, and sang.

Lars trying to keep his game face!

Michel & Jamie

Mike shooting a good game

Me & Lars, such a happy guy!

Michel in full concentration mode

Jamie doing his thang

Me & Michel

I ended up singing a couple more songs, even getting asked to sing a duet with Whistler (a local), just having a good time with everyone around. It really was a great "ending" to a good year with so many wonderful friends we get to meet on the road. It was nice meeting Lars & Michel, we hope to see them again very soon....maybe in January!

You just never know what one can get themselves into, out here in the desert. Seems we've found a fun lil' gathering place for the Winter that fits everyone's needs.
Thank you Mike, it was certainly a night to remember!


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  1. Thanks for the pics! I am SO glad you guys had such a great time - wish I could have made it the 2nd time too. Good company, food and fun. Awesome!

  2. We wish you could have come the 2nd time around but we understand, at least we got you for Turkey day! Gobble gobble lovey!