Friday, January 15, 2016

Random RTR Happenins'

January 8
 Random things around camp

Jamie has been keeping up with his morning workouts

 A new friend, Mark, stopped by and gave us a pop from his hometown, Spring Grove, Minnesota. I tried the newest flavor, Rhuberry...I liked the name! It was pretty good and berry sweet!

We caught a gaze at the Goodyear Blimp. It comes through Quartzsite occasionally, it's pretty cool to see and very loud!

Jamie put up the TV antennae....after much finagling, we finally got a few channels (NBC, ABC, Weather and Justice). We haven't had TV in about 3 months, sometimes it's nice to have at night but I was starting to get used to no TV and it wasn't bad at all! But Jamie likes to have it for football right now, so gotta get a few channels.

We started Sunset Rides this day, as well.

Jamie on his XR 400

Jake & Nico ~ Front of the Sammie
Kyndal holding it down in the back
Larry (front) & Tim (back) on the path
Up the Hill we go
The "Sammie" at the Ruins

On our way home



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