Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happenings at The Big Tent in Quartzsite, AZ

Every year that we are in Quartzsite for the RTR, we take one day to do some things in town...yes, even though we've done it before and even with all of the people here. 
It's fun to walk around and see all of the new rigs out for the year, the "older" ones from years past and to see the vendors selling whatever it is they are selling.

The Big Tent is an interesting place and I have to say that this year was the best year for walking around the Big Tent because there was barely anyone there, but I know that doesn't do much for the town of Quartzsite, so it's kind of sad.
We were able to walk...yes, I said walk! through the big tent this year. Usually there are sooo many people inside you pretty much shuffle along at a very very very slow pace, if at all. Last year we walked in and turned right back around to walk out, just way too many people...but not this year, it was nice.

We walked into a couple of rigs but not as many as in years past. 
One rig we walked into was a rebuilt, revamped, remodeled, rewired, etc. 1974 Winnebago Indian. It was tight!

I think the main reason the big tent was so empty was because all of the 'smart' folk were at Big Bellies Adult Day Care having a good ole time singing, dancing, laughing and drinking!

We did our annual Progressive visit. Every year they give away a few different items you can win when you play their slot machine. The first year Jamie got a really cool shirt and I got a reflective dog leash. Last year we both got playing cards. This year we both wanted shirts because they are super comfy and they had some really good looking shirts this year, but we both got sunscreen and chapstick instead...whomp whomp. I guess it'll be good for Baja, but still! We also got chased by a bear which I was way too happy about!! 
Watch the 12 second video below.

We took the bike into town and even though we were a little overdressed due to that, the weather played well with us throughout the day! It was so nice, we actually got ice cream and what amazing ice cream it was!!
$4.00 for a waffle cone or cup and all scoops are double, you can even get two different flavors!! Jamie got Mocha Fudge Brownie with Chocolate and I dipped into the Sea Salt Caramel with Mint Chocolate, was it good!!!!

I think we walked around for about two hours seeing everything as well as getting a couple of interviews of vendors and guests walking around. We made a little game out of it so people were more willing to talk to us, it turned out great...those videos soon to come.
As we walked away from the sights and sounds of the Big Tent we caught one more sound of a lone guitar player, he had a great voice and tons of soul...his name is Kelli McAllister and you can find him on Youtube at

I say, "Even if you've been to the Big Tent before, you never know what you might find, see or hear...go again, you may have a totally new and fun experience!"




  1. Glad you had such a good time. It was way crowded last weekend. Guess we should've waited.
    That remodeled Winnebago was awesome but it was way too crowded for us to get into it. What a cool rig. Thanks for the interior shots.

    1. Thanks Scott! Yeah that Winne sure had a lot of people in and outside of it when we were there too, but as soon as Jamie walked in with the video camera people started pouring out! haha Guess they didn't want to be on film! Glad I was able to get some inside shots!