Sunday, January 31, 2016

Baja Prep: Dog Vac's. Mexican Auto Insurance. Waiting...

Prepping for Baja has a lot of little stages and all of them cost money. I'll have to sit down when all is said and done to write up a "Baja Budget", so you can see how we made it work.

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In the last post, you read how we were able to fit everything, we didn't want to take to Mexico, into a storage unit.
We took another trip to drop some last minute items off and feel we may have one more trip for things we are using now, but don't need to take with us.

Messy, but we're getting there!

We spent a couple of days calling banks, insurance companies, Verizon, Veterinarians, mail places, doctors, among other companies I can't think of right now, to get everything squared away for our 2 month vacation. There were some things we didn't want to pay while we were gone, especially since we wouldn't be able to use them in Mexico, like our Verizon and our American auto we put these on hold/suspension/vacation. This way we'll actually save money, woo hoo!

We were able to get Mexican Auto Insurance through Lewis and Lewis, 
they seemed to be the cheapest and our friend goes through them every year, so we felt comfortable with them.

We did our big shopping trip to Walmart to get the major stuff in bulk; TP, Paper towels, medicine as well as the U.S. food that we love and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for down there; granola, Chai, coffee, creamer, etc.

We filled up all of our water jugs, dumped trash, refueled, got some mail and made an appointment for the girls to get shots and a health certificate.

The Vet was able to get us in the very next day of making our appointment, so that was really helpful before the weekend. We went to Valley Veterinarian Hospital, the staff and doctor were all very nice, informative and even got us in 25 minutes early!

 The dogs were happy to be able to accompany us into a building....until they smelled the fear within the walls, then they just wanted out!! haha

They both did exceptionally well! 
Chili Moon was her usual nervous energy~wiggle worm self, but I was a very proud mommy, for it only took three times and two different people to get her temperature!!

Savannah was awesome! She knew something was going down but she just watched and sat very still for everything and didn't growl one single time! She even nuzzled up with me to get me to pick her up and hold her close....awww, she does love mommy!

 We left there $110 less in our pockets but with updated shots and Certifications of Health for both girls. 
Check that huge one off the list!

Now....we wait until the week starts again.
We have a couple more packages to pick up and a couple of little things to gather and drop off before we head South.

Our internet will most likely be turned off tonight around midnight, until April. We will be finding internet cafes to check in with friends and family.

So for the rest of tonight, we will wait out this wind and maybe by the time we roll out, it'll be nice and pleasant and perfect!

Have a great rest of your Winter and start to your Spring!

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