Friday, January 15, 2016

RTR ~ Frost. Chili. Haircuts. Sunset Rides.

January 9
 Woke up to pretty cold temperatures (for us), high 30's - l0w 40's, with a little bit of wind.

The Chili Dinner turned out exceptionally well! A couple different kinds of chili as well as cornbread and other yummy sides. I was cutting hair all day but was fortunate enough to have Jamie and Natalie bring me all the fixins'...the cornbread was delicious Greg!!

A good big mess always means great food

Will, Jake, Nico & Ted, all probably making up stuff!

Wolf with Mark & Donna

I finished up the last haircut just as the Sunset Ride was going down.

Don't rush me!!!

We had 9 vehicles and about 14 people with us for the second Sunset Ride.

Ben & Justin enjoying the view

Dill, Tim, Wolf and Stix

Jamie resting up for the bigger hill

You can never have enough Tim from Alaska!!

Still holding it down back here

Stix & Sequoia's 4x4

Dill & Stephen

This is how I roll in the back, just bouncing along


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