Thursday, January 7, 2016

The RTR is in Full Effect!

Happy New Year to all of you! We hope you brought in 2016 in a happy, healthy, jovial way!

The 2016 RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous) has officially begun.

On January 5, there were already many rigs here and even more started settling in. The day was not the nicest of days, with rain, which brought in cooler temperatures, but we're all still here getting our camps set-up for the next two weeks. 

January 6, we all gathered for our first meeting, which some people call an orientation, others call a meet & greet. The first meeting is mostly Bob Wells giving everyone information about what the RTR is about, what we will be doing, the seminars that will be held, where things are in the town of Quartzsite; laundry, water, propane, trash, etc.
Bob Wells
There were quite a few people that gathered for the first meeting, I counted 95 and that was towards the end when some people had already left, plus more will be coming and going for the next two weeks.

The picture isn't perfect but you can get the point of how many people are here.

We were fortunate to have very nice weather for the first official meeting, lots of sunshine, no rain with just a little bit of wind....much better than the past few days!

There are going to be some really great, informational classes/seminars as well as some fun things to learn. If you are you new to the life or maybe just wondering about it and want to network and make new friends, we'll be here for the next two weeks (until January 19). Come on down and join us in Quartzsite, AZ, there's plenty of room!

Here is the calendar of events. 
(There may be changes along the way or more things added)
**One thing that has been added are haircuts by me and manicures by Pish on Saturday, from 11-sunset at our rig.**
Someone may have to bring me some chili, since I'll be working hard!!! 

If you are here, we hope to meet you if we haven't already and if you're not here, we hope to see you soon or maybe next year!



  1. Hi, I just got to RTR yesterday afternoon & attended the second women's meeting today & was told you are doing haircuts tomorrow as well 1/16, but i needed to schedule an appointment time. I'm going into town for the Big Tent show to see if i can get a job for the summer so don't know how long i'll be gone (I'm heading out in the morning). Do you still have any later afternoon times available? Please feel free to email me back.

    1. Hi Jordan! I will be cutting until 4. If you get back in time come on down!!!

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