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Day 4~ Playa Santispac

Day 4~ February 7, 2016
In my mind, I thought once we got South of Guerrero Negro that the wind would die down and it would be bikini time from then until the end. I was sadly mistaken...but just for a couple of days!
The view from the van

We were unaware of the storm cell that was passing through Baja the first few days we were here. Now, a storm cell in Baja is not like one up North, it's actually just cloudy, a little windy and a spit of rain...literally like one little tiny dot of rain. But, I was not ready to still be wearing jeans, a long sleeved shirt & shoes (gasp!) 4 days into our trip. I thought I would be in my bikini, with or without my wet suit, in the water swimming, tanning and frolicking about.


Since it was so late when we arrived last night, we took the opportunity of the not-so-great weather and walked the property.  

We saw two different restaurants; the bright Yellow building is Ana's restaurant, they offer showers in the building behind the restaurant for 20 pesos. 
Ana's Restaurant

Inside Ana's

I wouldn't say they are the cleanest rooms around, just don't touch anything and wear shoes! haha Even though we have our solar shower, it's better than standing outside cold due to the wind and it's better than nothing!

The other building is Armando's, the bar/restaurant that would be showing the Superbowl and would open an hour or so before the start of the game.

We decided to walk back to the van and gather our shower stuff and take turns for showers before the game. Jamie went first and came back with a small report; He told me how to go about asking and paying for the shower and then said, Just know that it's going to be dirty and gross, Use shower 4 because at least it has a chair and hook to set your stuff on and is the least dirty one, the water is not that warm so just be ready for it and there's not a lot of pressure, but it's better than nothing. Report gathered and off I went. 
I went into Ana's Restaurant and told the gal behind the counter I would like to take a shower, she looked over to a table where a man stood up and walked through a door behind the counter, he then motioned for me to follow him, although they were both nice, it felt a little Mafia-ish! I was a little confused thinking they were confused as to what I had asked. He opened a door and waved his hand into the room like he was Vanna White. I said, "Gracias" and walked into the room closing the door behind me. I had just walked into what looked like a hotel room. Score!!!

My shower was pretty good. The pressure was a mere trickle but I had the Insta-hot the building has, so even though I was still turning it off between washes like I would with a solar shower, every time I turned it back on there was piping hot water coming out. Maybe it's the swimmer in me...could be the germaphobe... but I definitely wore my shower flops. No matter how old I am, no matter where I am, if I'm in an odd shower where I don't know whose feet (or anything else) has touched that floor, this girl will be wearing shoes...and not letting that shower curtain touch me!
After my shower, I walked out and asked the lady behind the counter, "Cuanto? (How much?) She said, "Vente pesos" (20 pesos). I gave her money and was all of a sudden being pulled into 3 different conversations with the guy that runs the restaurant wanting to know how the water was, an American woman about the internet and the woman handling the money. I left and discovered as I got back to the van I had been shorted 20 pesos from the change but it had already been over an hour so I learned from my lesson of not getting distracted while handling foreign money and went on with my day. 
On my way back to the van, I walked past a 5th wheel that was definitely stationary and the mans' dog was barking at me, he was telling her it was okay, so I walked over to introduce myself. The man, John, is retired and has been living here for 4 years and since he's from South Florida we had much to talk about. We talked for about a half an hour and he extended an invitation to come over for the Superbowl if Armando's didn't work out for us. 
John's place

The day grew into a nicer day than expected. The Sun tried to shine through the clouds, the dogs laid in the Sun and Chili Moon got her first feel of the Bay. 

I'm not sure if she didn't see the water because it is super clear or if she was just curious, but she ran right into the water, splashing and running around, making a big, funny game out of it. She cracks me up!


We played in the water for as long as she would play with me, which surprised me with a whole 20 minutes! After Chili was over the water and went back to sleep, I got in the water. It was a little chilly so I went in feet only and took in the wildlife living in this crystal clear water. 
The water is crystal clear

A close-up of picture above

Little "conchs" with crabs inside

That's Greg. He likes dog treats. He's a taker!


I saw some really awesome small beautiful shells. They were so different and I wanted to take some of them home with me but these homes were occupado, so I left them where they were and just filmed them moving around....so cool!

Before we knew it, it was time to go get a seat for the Superbowl. We walked over to Armando's a bit earlier than we planned, thinking it would be packed. We were the first ones there....and the last, haha. The place was empty pretty much the whole game but we got the best seats in the house and great service by Luis!  I may have stolen their dog Josie (pronounced Yozee) but she didn't take to me, only my burger!

Josie, half the size of Chili Moon!

We ordered a couple of beers they had on special, Modelo Negros (20 pesos for a mason jar) and at the 2nd quarter ordered the special...Hamburgers and Fries! The food wasn't bad at all, the hamburger was a little salty (to me) but it seemed to sit well for the time being (Later that night would be a different story, but I 'took care of it' before it got too bad). We watched the game at Armando's until half-time,  paid our bill, which came to about 300 pesos and went to John's for the rest of the game.

We had a great time at John's. We talked, laughed and rooted for the Bronco's (that's our team) and met another friend of Johns',  Gary, as he stopped by to watch the end of the game. Gary and his wife have come to Santispac every year for the past few years and stay here for 4-6 months. At the end of the game, while celebrating the Bronco's big win, John offered us some of his Homemade Key Lime pie. It was delicious and a perfect ending to a great game and a great night, thanks so much John!

We walked the 50 yards home and went to sleep. I'd have to say the first day at Playa Santispac was a pretty good one! Showers, new friends, a Bronco's Superbowl win and some awesome pie.

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