Monday, February 29, 2016

Using too much data :(

I got a little carried away with the first four posts, so I have to take another break. 
We DO have internet here in Mexico, but at $15 bucks a gig, I can't write the posts I want and upload them. It is just costing us too much.
BUT....I am still writing.
I will have to upload the posts once we get back to the States or if we can find a good wifi spot in town...which have all been pretty slow for uploading pictures and videos.
I hope you will stick around. We have seen some really cool things and are meeting some really nice people.
Thank you for being patient and understanding.
I will see you all soon!!!


  1. Watch out, the local H2O is lethal !!!!

  2. I'll be here whenever you find a good connection.

  3. It's been three weeks since they have reported, this is not a good sign and taking all that good stuff with them might have been a bad decision.

    1. Just no signal or wifi access for a couple of weeks. It's different over there, a nice break but sorry to have worried everyone! We appreciate the love!

  4. Just checking in to see if all is ok, let us know when you can

  5. It's been almost a month. I'm still here; where are you? I hope no news is not bad news.

  6. Hello everyone! We are safe and back in the states safe and sound. We didn't have a signal nor wifi access for a few weeks! Sorry to worry anyone but we are blessed to know y'all have our backs and we appreciate that. Thank you and I will be posting more about our wonderful trip!