Friday, December 14, 2012

Mickey D's always pulls through!

Woke up to a beautiful morning... a freezing cold, beautiful morning! Maybe we should have gotten the heater down last night. The moisture from the rain must have made it a good 15 degrees colder, no was pretty cold.

[caption id="attachment_2963" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Frosted windows!![/caption]

I got out to walk Savannah and actually had to go back in to get another layer of clothes on. I thought it was supposed to be warm down here...??? After Nana's potty walk and learning that our internet really isn't that much better here, we got a bright idea to go to Mickey D's for a cup-o-joe and use their speedy internet to do some work. What a grand idea indeed!!! But first, look at what the rain did to the roads we were camped on last night...

We got some brekkie and sat down only to see every single TV in the place loaded down with the incomprehensible news of the Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. What very sad news and really so hard to try to wrap your head around any of it. We send out our love, light and peace to those who are mourning and pray they will be able to heal from this at some point.

We have been in this McDonald's for so long, we've seen shift changes and even a bus full of people come and go. It was a mad house in here!

.... back at our camp spot

We got a ton of stuff done at McDonald's. We were both able to download a bunch of stuff we have needed and wanted to download, J' got a lot of work done, I even got to play Words with Friends (haven't been able to in a month or so due to slow internet!) All in all it was a good idea and we got to do something different, that's always fun...even if it is sitting in McDonald's for a few hours! The clouds are starting to roll in again so we might get even more rain tonight. We came back to the same spot (off I-10), to give it another chance for the channels...still having the same problems!? It's getting pretty dark, pretty quick out there...guess I should go walk Savannah one more time before the moisture comes and puts us inside for the rest of the night.

[caption id="attachment_2969" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The thunder rolls[/caption]

Stay warm and dry my friends!




  1. Hey guys,glad y'all are hanging in there.I made it to Quartzite.I am with Bob and Steve camped just outside of Blythe.See y'all soon.

  2. Sweet, glad you made it. We'll probably be seeing you guys in a couple of days for Christmas!