Monday, December 17, 2012

We're Crafty!

Okay, so you know how I was telling you about the stone I found for my one niece and was trying to find another cool stone for my other niece...? Well, I have been on the hunt of a lifetime, coming up with nothing. Every single time I go outside whether it's to stretch or walk Savannah or anything outside, I am staring at the ground...gotta find "that" stone! After many days and hundreds of wrong stones later, I decided I would "make" her this wonderful stone instead....yes, you can laugh with me. I found a pretty good sized stone, pretty thick but something I could 'chisel' into the perfect shape. Let's remember I have absolutely no idea what I'm about to do, just thinking it will be as easy as the stuff you see on the tele. I asked J' where his hammer and a flat-head screwdriver was...funny thing, he actually knew what I was about to do.

[caption id="attachment_2975" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Art at work![/caption]

It took me about 13 seconds before I figured I needed a bigger piece of rock. The new rock only took about 30 seconds before it broke into many pieces. I tried multiple things...I don't quit that quickly. J' just kept walking by, just looking, being that good hubby he is and never telling me it wouldn't work. I tried a few more rocks and a few different techniques...I am no Michelangelo!

[caption id="attachment_2976" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Ah, Crud[/caption]

Just so we're all up to speed on what I'm trying to "make/sculpt" here...The other day I found a rock in the shape of an "L" and no it wasn't just a straight rectangle, it is an actual "L". I thought how cool, I can turn this into a necklace for my "little lizard" niece. After I found the "L", I wanted to find a rock in the shape of a "J" for my other niece...not going so well. Rocks do not form in the shape of a "J". So I thought I would chisel one out...not so much! I have found other cool stones so maybe I'll just turn one of those into her necklace, but I still stare at the ground hoping a "J" will jump out at me. I have also put J' on the alert! I'm sure he's searching hella hard! haha

Been a lot of "arts & crafts" going on around the van lately. First, there was the stone sculpting that didn't go over so well. After that I figured I would finally sew some velcro onto the curtains we've been putting up in the back window, to keep the cold out. That was a major process! The curtains are pretty thick where the velcro was going, plus I have to go through the velcro which is also very sticky and I have NO thimble...I'm pretty crafty so I made it work but I have a feeling my arm is going to be sore tomorrow!

[caption id="attachment_2978" align="alignleft" width="150"] Before[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2979" align="alignright" width="150"] After[/caption]

It's going to be so nice to keep some of the cold air out of the van with that curtain! As I was sewing and sculpting, J' was tending to some Joon Van maintenance... always good to get under the hood and check things out from time to time.

And if you're wondering where Savannah was during all of the festivities of Arts & Crafts Day...I think you all know the answer to that!

I wonder if she's getting enough sleep during the day and at night and in the morning and in between meals! haha This cold is really doing a job on all of us. We still go on walks but they tend to be much shorter these days...hopefully that will change soon, the weather looks like it's going to start warming up again in the next week or so.

To tell you the truth I would like to stay cuddled up in bed all day, but then nothing would really get done then....but it's super warm and snugly in bed!!

[caption id="attachment_2986" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Time to get up Savannah.

 Here's to snuggling in bed with your furry ones (or nakey ones) in the middle of the day and not having a care in the world!





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