Thursday, May 23, 2013

Days like this = Priceless

I don't know if we're just getting used to it or if it's just not as bad...but the wind doesn't seem to really bother us that much anymore. Now, it's definitely still blowing... believe me, but instead of taking the tarp (awning) down with every little whip of air, we just let it do its thing and it passes. Some days are much better than others but when the big gusts come, we just pull the door closed until it passes and then re-open for business! Today has been a gorgeous day though, we have a slight breeze, blue skies, the sunshine is out warming all of the just feels like one of those exceptionally perfect days. I love days like this, nothing seems wrong or out of place...and the lighting is great for beautiful photos!!

Vortex 500

Growing Yucca 500

Yucca in the Sky 500

Busy Bee 500

And then to top it all off, the moon came out to play a little early tonight...almost full!

Almost Full 500

There is talk of getting some major things done tomorrow, so I'm off to Snoozeville...I hope you had a beautiful day!


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