Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hobblin' Helen

Today was not very eventful due to my not being able to move around very well today. I think I'm the only one that can injure themselves while sleeping and have no clue how it even happened. I woke up and before I even opened my eyes I felt, almost like a (really big) pin prick in my left ankle. I thought, "Oh I just need to pop my ankle." Ya know, it kind of felt stuck. I swirled it around one time and was in some major how in the heck did that happen? I don't remember hitting it on anything, falling, twisting I got up and looked at it in some light to see if I had been bit by something...nothing. I laid in bed for a while until J' decided to get up and pretty much the rest of the day has been trying to not get up and walk around on it very much, it's just so painful. Later in the day I thought maybe if I actually walked around on it and stretched it out it would feel better...not so much, that just made it achy and my veins looked like they were gonna burst out of my foot! I went over to The Lulu Lounge and did a little bit of stone work on it for about an hour. It feels better but it still hurts.

[caption id="attachment_545" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Heel to Heal[/caption]

Oh and then we had a visitor, Savannah heard him way before I did which is weird because I usually see our visitors before she can even get a jump on them. Not this time. One second she is sleeping in her chair and the next all I see is dust flying from her back legs as she's bolting toward this yellow Jeep. The Jeep, of course, was not close (he stopped on the perch before you get to the road to our camp) and J' was somewhere doing something so guess who had to go RUN and get her? Cripple-ass over here! haha What a brat. The Jeep guy and I spoke briefly, he was going to come walk around down where we camp, there's really nowhere to walk or hike around here and it was like 6:30 (very close to dark) so it seemed a little strange, but what do I know. Maybe he just wanted to come and hang out in the woods for a bit, with no camping stuff and just a little cooler...whatever. He said something pretty funny though. He said, "I saw you guys and was starting to turn around and then I heard bells. I stopped abruptly because I thought, now where in the heck would bells be coming from in the woods. Then I saw your little doggy." haha At least the bells are doing their job! He was nice, apologized for intruding and left. I hobbled back to camp with Nana Butt in my arms.

[caption id="attachment_547" align="aligncenter" width="300"] A true dork[/caption]

I made spaghetti for dinner and threw in a can of Vienna Sausages. Alright I am not a sausage fan and especially not a sausage-out-of-a-can fan but I had bought these for J' thinking, he loves sausage he'll eat these things all up...not so much. He told me they were just little hot dogs in water....ummm, that's disgusting. I figured though, that if they were going to get eaten this was the time to do something with them so I seasoned them real good and threw them in the sauce. It was funny because when I gave the plate to J' he said, "Oh cool, you put mushrooms in here"....uh, no! It didn't turn out half bad. I'm not a huge spaghetti fan to begin with, but if it's there I'm gonna eat it and it's a lot better than jelly on a piece of bread for dinner! After dinner, I followed up on a suggestion my girl Kristy gave me for dessert. A dessert foil pack! Who would've thunk it!? She told me to put some fruit and sugar and whatever else in foil packets and then you have little fruit desserts like peach cobbler, apple pie-ish tastes, even pears and other fruits. I took her idea and ran with it, we had yummy "Peach Cobbler" for dessert, just some peaches, brown sugar and cinnamon, throw it on the grill and voila...yumminess all over your belly!!!

[caption id="attachment_546" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Yummy warm peaches[/caption]

Thanks Kristy you rock mama! Hopefully my ankle will get the healing it needs over night because tomorrow is "moving day". We need to move Joon Van to a better spot so she can soak in the rays for more than three hours a day...not gellin' with the solar!

Off to bed to heal it on up and get my snuggle on.


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