Monday, August 13, 2012

Party Poopin' in Prather

We went to town today!! It started out as an exciting day, we were going to get a new variety of groceries, water and whatever else we needed...that was until I woke up in a shit mood. I actually woke up fine but within about 20 minutes I was in not such a great mood and it just seemed to stick the rest of the day. I hate days like that. We drove just down to Prather, instead of all the way into Fresno, if we don't have to then we aren't going to be doing that. It will save us gas money and headaches! On our way down we saw a whole bunch of fire trucks on the side of the road, I figured these were the guys putting out the fire that has been burning up here (about 10-15 miles away) from Shaver Lake.

[caption id="attachment_494" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Hot Firemen[/caption]

They must be so hot, I think todays temperatures were about 110 and they are all up in their gear from suit to hat to boots, ick. Thank goodness for Firefighters that are willing to be there for stuff like that, crazy or not they are awesome! Since the morning kind of started off in a funk we didn't eat, we just wanted to get on with it so we got down to Prather with nothing in our bellies and no quickie food places to stop at.

[caption id="attachment_496" align="aligncenter" width="300"] This is about all you get...small town[/caption]

Thank goodness in the shopping center we were going to there was a Subway...thank you Subway! As we were looking for a place to eat I was just calling out signs that I saw, that resembled food or anything like it. I saw a sign for Free Wifi, we pulled in and J' got on to see if he could do some things in the parking lot so we wouldn't have to pull off of our actually worked. He said, we would probably have to stay here the rest of the day so he could get a whole bunch of stuff could imagine what that did to my wonderful mood. It's hotter than those firemens balls and he wants to sit in this hot ass parking lot (not under any shade, because there was none) in 110 degree temperature. So I went to go get us lunch at Subway to start us off. I think I was in Subway for a good 35 minutes, it was just about lunch time but we were in a small/slow town, no one knew what they wanted. One old man yelled at the lady to give him more time because she kept asking him which type of cheese he wanted and he just couldn't decide. I was actually proud of him for being able to stand up and not have to be in a wheelchair, he looked like a baby just learning how to walk, once they get up they only stay up for a second then fall back on their bum... he was cute. I just smiled and watched. After my long haul in line at Subway I walked back over to the van, we ate our double meat Roast Beef Sammies in silence due to the yumminess not because of my mood. It was totally scrumptious, I love you Subway.

[caption id="attachment_495" align="aligncenter" width="225"] I was so amazed they gave us more than 2 napkins, this never happens. I had to document it with a pic![/caption]

While J' was transferring away we decided it would be in both of our best interests if I went and did the shopping. He was able to work and I was able to take my time, look at different foods and ideas that I had as well as keep to the budget that we had. It worked out much better than us going together. We both have VERY different ways that we grocery shop and it throws me all out of whack when I don't have the list or I do have the list but he's throwing stuff in the cart and not telling me prices or what it is....Yes I have control problems, I am NOT afraid to admit it. My way of shopping puts me right on the dime of what we will spend, if it's not on the list, then something on the list is coming off for that other thing to come in. It's worked for me since I have been on my own and it's worked for our family shopping for years, it just gets a little jumbled when we're together. I think I was in the store for a good hour and a half to two hours. It was a little different because I'm so used to Walmart; their shelving, their prices, their food. I had to do a lot of price comparison and bang for my buck kind of stuff. I like grocery shopping as long as I can take my time. It worked out very well. I got a lot of different things and most of it was on the list, there were some things that they didn't even have so other things came in and took their place. At the register I figured we would be at a certain price and as always I was about $7-9 over on my paper so I came out under at the register! Awesome, I'll take that any day. Got back to the hot van, put the groceries in, went back to the store and bought some ice, came back put it in the cooler, walked back to Subway, went to the bathroom, stopped and talked to some kids giving away free puppies, pet the puppies, walked back to the van, went to CVS to get J' his sodas and clear nail polish for me, came back to the van (they didn't have his sodas for the price they had them the time before), went back in bought toothpaste, soap and deodorant instead, back to the van.

[caption id="attachment_497" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Hot dog![/caption]

While I was sitting outside of the van waiting for this miserable hotness to be over a whole bunch of firemen came out of the restaurant (the one we were getting wifi from). They were chilling talking at their vehicle which was right next to the van. I talked to them for a moment about the fire and they told me it was 100% contained...I gave them a thumbs up, congratulated them and thanked them.

[caption id="attachment_499" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Passing time[/caption]

We were sitting there for a little while longer and I turned to the side and saw about 20 other firemen walking in a straight line back to their vehicles and it was so cute, they were all licking ice cream cones as they walked single file....awww! They rewarded themselves for a good job.

[caption id="attachment_498" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The taste of success[/caption]

We hung out for about 30 more minutes and then headed back to get some water before going back to camp. What a long hot miserable day, hopefully it'll be better next time we go down so we can actually get some more "free" work done in the parking lot. All in all it was a successful day, we had hamburgers for dinner, I checked my mood finally, reruns on Fox and off to dance with the sheep we go...

[caption id="attachment_501" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Smooch-a-rooch[/caption]


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